The Mazar Gate of Hazrat Shah Jalal

The Sacred spot of Hazrat Shah Jalal : Among the few spots of chronicled energy for Sylhet town is the sanctum of Blessed individual Hazrat Shah Jalal. Without a doubt, even today, more than six hundred years after his passing, the sacrificial table is passed by unlimited fanatics of every station and articulation of confidence, who make the voyage from far away places. Legend says, the extensive heavenly individual who began from Delhi to address Islam and vanquished the then Hindu Raja (master) Gour Gobinda, changed the witchcraft lovers of the Raja into catfishes which are still alive in the tank close-by the haven Swords, the favored Quran and the robes of the sacrosanct blessed individual are still secured in the spot of love.Hazrat Shah jalal is our proud .He is World famus Aowlia.

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