tekerghat limestone quary
Tekerghat is a characteristic supply of limestone. This limestone store is arranged at the middle of delightful environment. The slopes adjacent are all secured with distinctive natural and new plants. The lower grounds between the slopes include haors. Like different haors the water level expands enormously amid stormy season here. When you go on top of the slopes here you will have the capacity to encounter the eminent grand excellence of the encompassing. The assortment in the way of life of Tekerghat's tenants makes this spot truly a fascinating one.
Location:Tekerghat Limestone Quarry is situated at Tahirpur Upazila of Sunamganj Region.

The most effective method to go:You can simply enlist a vehicle from TourismSylhet.com Rent-An Auto administration and span Tekerghat. Generally amid stormy season you need to contract a pace watercraft or a motor vessel from Sunamganj Shaheb Bari Ghat and range Tekerghat. Velocity pontoon will take two hours and motor watercraft will take five hours to visit. Amid dry season you can cross the Surma waterway through Shaheb Bari Ghat and take engine bicycle or other suitable intends to reach Tekerghat Limestone Quarry.

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