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Ratargul Bog Woodland is a freshwater bog backwoods situated in Gowainghat, Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is the main marsh woods situated in Bangladesh and one of only a handful couple of freshwater bog timberland on the planet. The woods is actually saved under the Division of Ranger service, Govt. of Bangladesh.

The evergreen timberland is arranged by the waterway Goain and connected with the cannel Chengir Khal. The greater part of the trees become here are Pongamia pinnata (Koroch tree). The woodland goes under 20-30 feet water in the blustery season. Rest of the year the water level is around 10 feet profound

How To Visit?

It's not a confounded approach to visit Ratargul Bog Woodland on the off chance that you are resolved to visit!If you are a living arrangement of Dhaka,Bangladesh you require first come to Sylhet City.You can come Sylhet on byroad,Railway or Airway.It's thoroughly relies on upon you.After come in sylhet you will go to sylhet focal transport stand.There you will discover numerous sorts of Transport to visit Goainghat sadar.Then you will go to sahebbazar,here you find numerous sort of pontoon to visit Ratagul.

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