Shatchari National Park is spread more than 243 hectares (600 sections of land) of area. Actually "Shatchari" in Bengali signifies 'Seven Streams'. There are seven streams streaming in this wilderness, and the name "Shatchari" originated from that point. There are around 200 types of trees and among those Shaal , Segun, Agar, Garjan, Chapalish, Palm, Mehgani, Krishnachur, Dumur, Jamrul, Jarul, Awal, Malekas, Eucalyptus, Akashmoni are the most well-known. Untamed life in this park is rich. Red Wilderness fowl, Red-headed Trogon, Oriental Pied Hornbill, and Dwarf Woodpecker are some of them. Basically jeopardized Gibbon likewise lives here. Adjacent to the National Woodland Division, a NGO named "Nisharga", with their "Nisharga Shahayata Prakalpa" watches the recreation center. Alongside safeguarding of timberland they give eco-visits. The NGO additionally offers some extravagant things there. There are various checked strolling trails of between 30 minutes and three hours. A stall at the Shatchari National Park gives data about the recreation center, a guide of the strolling trails, and can guide guests to one of the prepared eco-visit guides. Guests can investigate the range without the help of an aide; on the other hand, the aides know the best spots are and can guide guests to territories as per their hobbies.

The recreation center is arranged in Raghunandan slope under Paikpara Union of Chunarughat Upazilla of Habiganj Region under Sylhet Division. It is 130km from the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. It is on the Dhaka-Sylhet high path around 60km southwest of Sreemangal.

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