Sreemangal and neighboring ranges are well known for run of the mill downpour woods and achieve untamed life. Rajkandi Store Woods is such one a long way from the territory and human vicinity. The untamed life and thick green rainforest of Rajkandi is still untouched. In Rajkandi you may discover individuals cutting bamboo in and around the wellspring. Through the unmistakable water you will have the capacity to see stones at the base of the wellspring which could be elusive. The entire course is loaded with distinctive sorts of scenes. You need to stroll through little hillocks. Here, around 4000 sq km of the perfect forests having profitable characteristic assets. The most fascinating thing is that Rajkandi Store Backwoods is the home of two exceptional waterfalls Murmur and Ateka. Murmur, here and there called as Hammam, is a stunning waterfall encompassed by timberlands and tea gardens. The stature of the fall is around 135-160 feet. Ateka waterfall is a brilliant 10 stages waterfall, which is the main 10 stages waterfall in Bangladesh.

Location: Rajkandi Store Woods is situated at Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar locale. It is around 80 km far from Sreemangal town.

The most effective method to Go: You can simply contract a vehicle from sylhetsurmacity Auto administration and scope Rajkandi Store Woodland. Generally from Sreemangal you need to enlist a jeep or whatever other vehicles to reach Madhabpur which takes 60 minutes. In the wake of coming to Madhabpur you must contract a visit aide who will control you through Rajkandi Store Woods. The way inside the woods turns out to be exceptionally perilous here and there, so you must set yourself up well. When you go through the wilderness you unquestionably locate the boundless magnificence. Bloodsuckers are sitting tight there excitedly for you and the most noticeably awful thing is that you can't escape from them. There are different approaches to reach Rajkandi. From Sreemangal take a transport or CNG for Bhanugach or Kamalganj. After that take another CNG for "Champarai Tea Garden". Kalabon is a town exceptionally close to Champarai. From Kalabon you can enter Rajkandi Store Timberland. Kindly don't invest much energy to see the excellence of the woodland. On the off chance that it is getting darker you have to battle a ton. It is ideal to go Rajkandi at a young hour in the morning and with a group rather exclusively.

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