The progenitors' home of Bangabir General Muhammad Ataul Gani Osmani, the President of Bangladesh Powers in the 1971 Freedom War has been changed into today's celebrated "Osmani Historical center". The gallery is kept up by the Bangladesh National Exhibition hall power. This exhibition hall has been built up to pay tribute to the colossal saint of Bangladesh for his extraordinary achievements. This will most likely go about as a boost to the future eras. 'Nur Manzil' is all around a tin shade building having few rooms. An enormous picture of the General, set in the focal point of the passageway lobby welcomes the guests. This memorable gallery includes three displays, where individual possessions of General Osmani and a decent number of recorded photos are protected befittingly.

The exhibition hall is situated at Dhopa Dighir Standard of Sylhet City Company region. It is around 12 km from the Sylhet Osmani Global Airplane terminal and 3 km from the Sylhet Railroad Station.

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