Malnicherra Tea Domain is the most seasoned tea garden in Bangladesh.It's estblished in 1854 B.C.When Bangladesh was involved by English colony.After freedom in 1947 from England at pakistan period it was coordinated by Duncan Siblings co. ltd.Now this tea patio nursery is coordinated by acclaimed industrialist Ragib Ali.To make this greenery enclosure wonderful Mr. Ragib Ali playing an extraordinary rule.Mens can without much of a stretch visit this tea garden,even it's doesn't take cash or ticket for Passage.

Step by step instructions to Visit

It's truly simple to visit Malnicherra Tea Bequest on the grounds that it's not so distant from sylhet city organization it's just 2.5km a long way from sylhet city corporation.If you are a home out of Sylhet you ought to start things out sylhet at Transport or Train.Then you will come to Malnichara easily.It takes 25 minutes to visit Malnicherra from Sylhet Focal Transport Stand or Sylhet Focal Railroad

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