nalural beauty of madubkondo

Madhabkunda : Madhabkunda encompassed by lavish tea domains and loaded with waters lilies is an one of a kind one. Magurchara destroyed gas and Oil saved field, which was impacted while burrowing 3 years back and was blazing a 500-feet stature for over 3 months. A considerable measure of smoldered trees now conveying the images of digester. Ever where a ton of elastic and lemon ranch frame an excellent scene. What's more, you can have a visit to Madhobkundo water fall .

Sylhet is the place that is known for Shrine's, regular Slopes, backwoods, delightful tree estates and loads of Haors. It is an old city with brimming with normal wonders. A substantial number of vacationers come each year to visit Sylhet. The primary fascination of Sylhet city is the Place of worship of Hajrat Shahjalal(R) and Hajrat Shah Poran (R). Place of worship of Hajrat Shahjalal (R) is on the highest point of a hillock (tilla) in Sylhet city. A large number of guests are coming regular in this Holy place. Place of worship of Hajrat Shah Paran (R) is eight km a long way from Sylhet town on the Sylhet-Jaflongroad where likewise a large number of guests visits this Holy place ordinary. Street excursion to Sylhet is a superb affair through streets running ups and down the slopes and green lavish tea patio nurseries of nature at its best.Sylhet Travel Tips is crucial for a decent know-how of the nation.

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