Jaflong is a standout amongst the most appealing visitor spots in Sylhet division. Jaflong is likewise a picturesque spot close-by in the midst of tea greenery enclosures and uncommon magnificence of moving stones from slopes. It is arranged other than the waterway Mari in the lap of Slope Khashia. The Mari stream is originating from the considerable Himalayas of India, which is carrying million tons of stone rocks with its tide. You can watch the stone gathering from the stream in Jaflong and also you can appreciate the sculling in the waterway Mari. Jaflong is absolutely a sloping territory of genuine common magnificence with slopes, woodland and greenery around. There is a plant park close Jaflong named as 'Jaflong Green Park'. Under the forestation program, different sorts of trees are being planted in the recreation center to keep up natural equalization

The most effective method to Visit

Get from inn at 06.15 H, exchange to Airplane terminal Railroad Station, and take 07.00 H Parabat Express to Sylhet. Our aide at Dhaka will offer you some assistance with boarding the train and discover your seats. Arrive Sylhet around 14.30 H. Upon landing, our aide at Sylhet will meet you at the station, and exchange you to the inn. After registration, spruce up, and lunch, visit Sylhet city rest of the day. We'll take you to visit the extremely old Kinfolk Span, Surma stream, and the holy places of Shah Jalal and Shah Paran. Overnight at Sylhet.

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