Hason Raja (1854 - 1921) is a standout amongst the most surely understood spiritualist writers of Bangladesh. He was a successor of Raja Jamidar gang. He turned into the proprietor of immense property at a youthful age however demonstrated his capacity through the expansion of own domain. Before all else of his rule he humored himself in pleasure and carried on with an uncontrolled rich life. A while later he understood the more profound importance of life and the darker side of the sumptuous life he was driving. At that point he dedicated himself in composing verse and melodies other than decision his property. To protect this awesome artist's recollections the Hason Raja Historical center was built up. All of Hason Raja's works are kept in this exhibition hall. Numerous articles like: sword, turban, plate, garments, books and manually written composition of melodies and sonnets are shown here.

Hason Raja Exhibition hall is situated at Taghoria along the bank of Stream Surma with in Sunamganj District zone.

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