This remembrance is remaining as a landmark of appreciation and adoration to the saints of freedom war. Numerous fights amid the freedom were battled in Sunmaganj. Dolura dedication bears confirmation of these incredible fights. At the feet of the slopes of Khashia-Jainta and along the streaming waterway this spot is arranged. A percentage of the saints of the fights battled are covered here. In 1973 this was manufactured to memory especially 48 of the saints of this district. The placidness here will unquestionably top off your psyche with awesome immaculateness and upgrade your affection for your own one of a kind nation.

Area: Dolura Remembrance is situated at Jahangirnagar Union of Sunamganj Sadar Upazila aroung 8 km far from Sunamganj Township.

Step by step instructions to Go: You can simply procure a vehicle from the sylhetsurmacity Auto administration and range Dolura Dedication. Else you need to reach Hallar Ghat/Haluar Ghat close Sunamganj Town. There you need to cross the waterway Surma by vessel. At the opposite side of the waterway you can contract engine bicycle or take a simple bicycle and reach Dolura which is 10 KM from the stream bank.Historical

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