At the foot of the Meghalaya ranges amidst Tahirpur and Dharmapasha Upazilla under Sunamgonj region in north-east Sylhet is a boundless swampland prominently known as Tangoar Haor that compasses over a region of almost 100 square kilometers. Falling from the Meghalaya around 30 waterfalls stream into this huge water body causing an appeal that is genuinely uncommon. In 2000, it was universally perceived as a Ramseur site. After the Sundarbans, it is the second Ramseur site in Bangladesh. Preceding that, in 1999, the legislature of Bangladesh reserved Tangoar Haor as a biologically basic territory.

Tangoar Haor, which is a vital center point for biodiversity, is home to a differing scope of feathered creatures. In winter, various transitory feathered creatures join the neighborhood winged animals offering ascend to an eye-relieving wealth of fauna. There are a sum of 51 types of winged creatures. Other than uncommon types of Royal residence hawks and expansive dim ruler storks from among the transitory flying creatures, the swampland is occupied by various neighborhood types of winged creatures including vultures, seagulls and cranes notwithstanding six types of warm blooded creatures, four types of snakes, six types of turtles, seven types of reptiles and in addition uncommon types of creatures of land and water.

As indicated by Educator Ali Reza Khan, Tangoar Haor is occupied by a sum of 250 types of winged creatures, 140 types of fish, more than 12 types of frogs, more than 150 types of reptiles and more than 1,000 spineless creatures.

Tangoar Haor merits going by in winter (December to February) when travelers would be welcomed by a great many neighborhood and transitory types of winged animals, and in addition in the blustery season (June to August) when clamoring waves together with perpetual downpours and Meghalayan mists make a scene that charms one and all.

How to go there?

In winter visitors can contract engine bicycles from Shaheb-bari Kheyaghat in Sunamganj and go to Tahirpur or Takerghat in two or three hours. From both of the spots a watercraft may be procured to meander about Tangoar Haor. In the stormy season, numerous voyagers employ a bojra – a roomy motorized nearby watercraft suitable for overnight stay – from Sunamgonj to visit Tangoar Haor. Procuring a bojra costs around 10,000 BDT a day. Notwithstanding, it is not a smart thought to visit Tangoar Haor in the blustery season without an existence coat and other essential precautionary measures in perspective of the unpleasant, wavy waterline, in spite of the unparalleled wonder this expansive water body shows in this season.

The best alternative is to contract a dispatch (a steamer-like motor worked pontoon) from Sunamganj, go to Tangoar Haor through Tahirpur lastly reach Takerghat, which is a Bangladeshi limestone mine at the foot of the Meghalayan goes presently lying in a relinquished st

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