Baniachong an uncommonly extensive town settlement in Habiganj locale around 60 km south-west of sylhet. The nearby individuals take pride in styling the town as the biggest rustic settlement in Asia, some accept, on the planet. Then again, both spatially and demographically, the town is large to the point that it is separated, for neighborhood government, into four union parishads. The town is Muslim transcendently and its populace is around one hundred thousand. Truly, Baniachong was claimed by Abed Reza, a Muslim zamindar in the seventeenth century. He led the town amid the late nawabi period. At present, Baniachong is a standout amongst the most created town in Bangladesh. Different spots to visit in Baniachong are Kamala Ranir Dighi, Antiquated Rajbari and Hobagoma's Darguti and so on.

The town Baniachong is situated at Habiganj Area of Sylhet division.

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